The basic elements of our environmental policy are as Efereks;

  • Use natural resources responsibly and efficiently
  • Renewable resources to protect
  • Prefer renewable and clean energy sources as possible in the production process
  • Provide energy savings
  • Eco-friendly products to produce and implement environmentally friendly production processes in enterprises
  • Manufactured products and improve the production process
  • To minimize the wastage rate of production
  • Using recycled materials
  • Use of environmentally friendly technologies
  • Be ready against accidents and to repair the environmental damage suffered
  • To inform suppliers about the issue and to take necessary measures to support
  • Public health caused by the operation, safety and / or to inform about environmental issues
  • Support the development of environmental monitoring methods accepted any reports required to edit
  • Being in cooperation with Environmental groups
  • Develop projects with NGOs
  • Activities that occur as a result of waste and to reduce the damage or ensure the re-use of waste water treatment plants in order to establish